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The Weddings of Julie & Jeff
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8 October 1995
Peter V. Van Tassel
I really wanted to work some JB stuff in here, But I haven't found the right lyrics. Since you are both going off to sea I'll wish you both fair skies and a following wind. Just remember... "Don't spit to windward!" Welcome to this crazy, but comfy family, Jeff. Love, Dad
9 October 1995
Juanita Riley
10 October 1995
Linda Weiss Rose
No time to think of inspired message. ...Can only say, the best of luck to both of you. Mazal tov! (go find a translation for that!)
11 October 1995
Walter Alexander
15 October 1995
Bessie D. Van Tassel
I probably won't get any sleep on this cruise either! GOOD LUCK and LOVE to you BOTH!
16 October 1995
Eileen Samberg
All you need is a live feed of the wedding itself!
21 October 1995
Scott Henderson
Boat,Beaches,Bahamas and Buffett!! What more could anyone ask for! And a wedding too? Of course, I still think the first wedding sufficed. I was there. I blew the conch. But if society dictates that we should do it again, lets do it! But this time, GET YOUR OWN CABIN!!!!!
22 October 1995
Derek Taubert
You've told a wonderful story here, it has helped re-inspire me to produce a web page of my own wedding. Truly there is some magic in the air surrounding the marriage of the last of the "three roommates". I hope your marriage will always be just as fun-filled and adventurous as your meeting.
Elizabeth Succar
I must say this is the first on-line guest book I have ever seen! Good luck you two.
26 October 1995
Teree Gomez
This is my first interactive guest book message!!! Good luck and lots of Love!!!
27 October 1995
Jindra Krams
6 November 1995
Jim Buszkiewicz
uhh..Jeff...DON'T DO IT, MAN. Haven't you ever seen Married with Children????? You will forever lose your freedom. You'll never get to go out with you friend again. And if you do You'll have to get permission.... DON'T GO THROUGH WITH IT. BACK OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!! SUCKER!!!!! <backround music - Queen, "Another one bite the dust">
6 November 1995
Kevin E. Johnson
Well I enjoyed the first wedding so much I decided to take a surgical elective during the second one so I could be doing bowel surgery while you guys are enjoying yourself on the second trip... Good luck Julie and Jeff my Militia Brother
9 November 1995
Karen Coyne
What a great wedding page! It brought back memories of a truly wild and crazy time at the first wedding. My best wishes to both of you!
13 November 1995
David "Duke" Jeffrey
Peace and Love Forever!
15 November 1995
Linda Dwyer
Julie and Jeff - Best of luck with your Wedding and all of the plans. I am preparing to get married next September. The funny thing about your Wedding is that my brother plans to get married on the same date as you in 1998.
17 November 1995
Bonnie and Frank Bergeron
May it last forever.
Jennifer Snelgrove
Cool you guys worked hard on the page! I enjoyed it! Hope all is well! Have fun with the wedding plans, REMEMBER you're only supposed to plan ONE!
23 November 1995
Michael T. Van Tassel
Jill and I wish you the best in your new way of life. God Bless.
Arthur and Katrina
If I hadn't been there and seen the magic happen I would have doubted your sanity (well, so I still do doubt your sanity, but in this you made the right call!) I will especially enjoy this second wedding, because William and Joseph and Arthur will all get to be touched with that special magic I know we will all feel. Much love always and forever, your sister, Trina
28 November 1995
Howard Brown
2 December 1995
Nathaniel Jones
6 December 1995
Cheryl Thompson
God's speed, and best wishes!
7 December 1995
Aldo Hernandez
18 December 1995
Ron Felton
Wishing you both the best!!
19 December 1995
Hershel Tidwell
Love you Julie, Best of wishes Jeff and Julie.
Jacqueline Tidwell
It is what you want it to be.
21 December 1995
Beth Zeranski
OK, which is harder to track: hurricanes or blizzards???? I wish you both the ultimate in marital bliss! (also, deep down, jim really does hate hanging around at the pub and does truly believe that marriage is the best - from his message you can tell he's just really subtle about showing it!)
28 December 1995
Anne and Micheal Woodward
Hi Julie and Jeff... You're wedding site looks great!! What fun to get married on a cruise. We took a honeymoon cruise and had a wonderful time and are definately cruise addicts. We only wish we could afford to go more often. We too have a wedding site and would love to have you visit us. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please sign our guestbook, too!! Looking forward to seeing your wedding pictures. Sincerely, Anne and Mike Woodward
30 December 1995
Chuck Ward
Julie, congratulations....We went to Gulf Breeze Middle School together...remember me?? I just got your dad set up on our service.. Again, best wishes for both of you..
Judy & Sid Sussman
We wish you, from the bottom of our hearts health, wealth and many children. Mazal Tov!
Paul and Janet Herkart
Have a Wonderful Life!
Dave and Sandy Wiedemeier
We'd like to welcome Julie to the family and wish both of you the best.
7 January 1996
Roberta Barimo
I've enjoyed all these great stories over the last 6 months. Hope they'll always continue. Best Wishes.
9 January 1996
Ella Ellison
11 January 1996
Jeff Schwartz
Well, I finally made it here! Nice page! I can't wait until the "next" wedding!
12 January 1996
Jay D. Dyson
Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you in your new life together! Remember to never take the other person for granted, and view both your wants and needs equally. Everything else will work itself out if you do just those two simple things. Cheers!
31 January 1996
Daye Sommers
All the best to Julie and her beau!
7 February 1996
Gerry Orr
Julie and Jeff, here are a whole lot of wishes and hoping you both will have a great life together in Mass.
8 February 1996
Edward Gurney
27 February 1996
Lore Lapinsky
The very best of luck to both of you
2 March 1996
Caryn L. Coln
While searching for wedding resources, I found your home page -- so AOL has a group of parrotheads? Might even be enough to force a long-time UNIX shell user like me onto there. I enjoyed your page, and wish you both the best of luck from here in Ft. Lauderdale!
9 March 1996
Steve Hinkley
Keep the honeymoon alive!
17 March 1996
Eric Brown
Congratulations to Jeff and Julie. Heather and I can't wait until the wedding. Thanks for the great excuse to take a cruise. In my usual fashion, I decided to wait until the last minute to sign this page (OK, so it's not quite the last minute, but it's plenty long enough) In any case its great to see jeff getting married, and Heather and I wish both of you the best of luck.
22 March 1996
Karen Therese
I'm getting married on May 4 and I find it most disturbing that I am becoming so obsessed with weddings that I am now looking for them in cyberspace. Actually, our wedding is all done - the planning part. We're having a "Day of the Dead" wedding with the fabulous skeleton bridal couple perched atop our tiered tie-dyed cake. My sweeting is a Dead-Head. He's taking this thing pretty seriously and won't let me do anything too outrageous. I wanted him to walk out to the Theme from Rocky and me to walk out to "I am Woman". But, he keeps saying, "It's a wedding, not a theme party!" Anyhow, he is letting me hand out one trophy mid-way through the band (great Blues band with horns, by the way). It's a horses ass and will go to the "Most Obonoxious Guest." Your wedding looks like fun too!
28 March 1996
Bill O'Brien
Hey, it's your cousin. Glad to hear your gettin' hitched! I wouldn't miss your wedding for the world. See ya in Florida!
6 April 1996
Felicia Bancroft
Congratulations! Good luck and best wishes to you both!
7 April 1996
Sue Wiedemeier
Congratulations Jeff. I thought I'd get married first. Have a great life together. It'll be nice to have a sister.
Stacie L. Serrano
I wish you all happiness in your marriage. I am looking forward to the cruise, what an exciting way to start out your life together. Make sure you stay in touch.
9 April 1996
Ron Sohn
Best of luck to both of you and your future. Cheese Burgers and Paradise.
12 April 1996
Markus Wiedemeier
All the best to Julie & Jeff. If he is a real Wiedemeier he can't be all that bad! :-))
13 April 1996
Gabby Amachastegui
Best wishes.
18 April 1996
Andres "Andy" Gonzalez
Julie wow Life does go on after FCA. I am happy for you and Jeff, He is truly a lucky man. You have always been a very kind, and caring person. Peace and Love for the both of you.
24 April 1996
Ann Summerson
Julie and Jeff, I wish both of you the best in life together.
Robert Tuttell
Have fun Ms. Julie.
1 May 1996
Ken and Shawn Curewitz
You're a match made in heaven. The best of everything to both of you.
2 May 1996
Ivan Noa
best of luck to you both in the future
Scott Rowland
Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing the second wedding and taking the cruise again.
7 May 1996
Avis Mumphrey
Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful life together.
28 May 1996
Michael L. Butler
Congratulations Julie & Jeff! Amazing story - meetings like that don't happen very often. Keep the magic alive :). (P.S. - Katrina Sent Me!)
31 May 1996
Elodie C. Cheeseman
Jeff and Julie, What a neat story of how you met. Best of everything to both of you.
5 June 1996
Jerry Bradshae / Susan Nestor
Roses are red, Violets are blue, and so on. Can't print the rest. I met your mother and father today 6/5, who gave me your page address. Best of luck.
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